A “No Go Zone” is a neighborhood that is not allowed to have any activity or events.

This is where the police can use deadly force.

When a no-go zone is created, it means that the area is not only a place to gather but also a place where law enforcement cannot interact with the general public.

If the police are in a no go zone, then they are effectively putting themselves in a dangerous situation.

A person can be killed by a police officer with a deadly weapon, but a person can still be killed if they’re in a neighborhood with no-gather.

This means that police can’t just stand in the middle of the street and shoot anyone without fear of repercussions.

What are the consequences of a no gather situation?

In San Diego, the city is already dealing with a lot of problems.

There are a lot more people who are homeless than the people who live in the area, and there are a ton of people who have been killed in shootings in the city.

If there’s a no call and the police do not want to come to the area because of safety concerns, then you have a situation where people are going to die in their own homes.

That is not a good outcome for the people of San Diego.