The Green Bay Packers have hired Green Bay escorts for the first time in more than a decade, according to the Associated Press.

The team has hired a Green Bay escort since 2013, according the AP, which said Green Bay’s escorts were hired by the team’s general manager and team president in January of 2018.

The Green Bays have hired a number of Green Bay police officers, as well, the AP reported.

Green Bay Police Chief John Mays was a Green Bets general manager, and Green Bay Mayor Tom Barrett was a player for the team, according a Green Berets official who spoke to the AP.

Green Beretees are required to complete three years of service before they can be hired by a sports franchise, and the AP said the Packers had hired a second Green Bay cop since the hiring.

The AP reported that Green Bay is one of the few NFL teams that has hired Green Beretes in recent years, and it is not unusual for sports teams to hire escorts when they need them.

The Associated Press did not have an official comment on the hiring of Green Berettes.

In March, the Packers fired a Green-Bears police officer who was caught on video assaulting a player.

The NFLPA and the NFL Players Association said the officer, Aaron Johnson, was fired for violating the NFL Policy and Program on Harassment, Harassment Prevention and Resolution.

He was hired as an officer by the Packers last year.

The Packers have a number to choose from, including a former Green Bay sheriff’s deputy and a former New Orleans police officer.

Johnson was accused of using racial slurs to his players.

The law enforcement group has also said that Green Berettes should not be allowed to escort players in the locker room, saying it has not been proven that Green Bades officers are doing that.