In a recent survey conducted by escort agency The Escorts of America, some women said they preferred to work with a Utah escort service than a hotel escorts agency.

“There are so many amazing girls in Utah, and there are so few that will take the time to speak with you, get to know you and get you to the right place,” one escort told the publication.

“You’re going to get the best of both worlds,” said another escort, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Utah escorts have traditionally been the ones to come out on top, with many of the top performers coming from Utah.

However, the industry has experienced a boom in recent years with new clients from around the country and the US as a whole, including the Las Vegas Strip.

Some of the most popular Utah escort agencies have seen a surge in popularity in recent months, with the Escorts Of America Survey finding that about 70% of women are looking for an escort service in the Salt Lake City area.

Some escorts who spoke with The Times said they had been offered more money than the hotels and other escorts they used previously.

“It’s like, ‘Oh my god, I can make more money doing this than I ever have before,’ ” one escort from Phoenix told The Times.

“It’s the same thing with every other business you have in life.

You want to make money, and you want to keep making money.

If you don’t make money then you don,t have a life, so you have to make some money.”

One Utah escort agency that has been a hit with the industry, The Escort of Los Angeles, told The Daily Beast it was seeing an uptick in demand.

“We are seeing more women contacting us than ever before.

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the industry now,” said Jennifer Hirschberg, The Eoless of Los Angles, in an email to The Times’ editor.

“I think it is a great time to be in the escort industry, and we would love to continue to grow in that time.”

The company is currently recruiting for its next season, with Hirschger saying she hopes to start operating by the end of the year.

In addition to the increase in demand, Utah has been hit with several high-profile cases of sexual assault in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, actress Ashley Judd and her former boyfriend, actor James Deen, were accused of sexual misconduct by two women.

The allegations have prompted a mass exodus of Utah escorting agents and women from the industry.