In a blog post today, the Colorado Springs Springs-based ride-sharing company said it is launching a new safety program aimed at reducing accidents on its ridesharing service.

The company, which is currently testing a new model in a test park, said that its drivers have experienced fewer accidents while using its new technology, which has a battery-powered, wireless system that can alert drivers when they are about to enter a car.

The system works with the company’s smart phone app and alerts drivers if a ride is about to hit an obstacle, like a curb or a parked vehicle.

The new system has also been tested in the company, the company said.

“We have a lot of experience with driver safety and how to keep people safe,” said the company in a blog.

“With our new program, we’re making a commitment to make our drivers safer.”

Drivers have reported an average of nine crashes in the past two months, according to ride-hailing firm Didi Chuxing.

In a statement to The Verge, the ride-hire company said that it has “been working with drivers for the last two years to improve safety for all our drivers.”

The company said drivers who receive a ride-service alert should contact a ride dispatcher to make sure they are ok to take a ride.

The ride-harnessers in question are Uber and Lyft.

Both companies offer their services in several cities around the world, but they have faced a number of safety concerns in recent months, including driver safety issues, reports of passengers having medical issues, and reports of riders who were killed in crashes.

A study published last month by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that Lyft drivers in the city of Boston have experienced an average one fatal crash per month in 2016.

That study found that riders were not required to use seat belts and were not properly trained in seat belts.