It’s not just women who are hot in India, but the men too.

The country’s escort industry is booming and the demand for escorts has gone beyond the borders of the country.

And there are some very good escorts out there too.

Here are five of them.1.

Hari Khatun, India-based escorts-san jose (HKS)Hari Khatoun is an escort who has been travelling for over 20 years.

She was born in Pakistan, but settled in India and has now been working in the escort business for over three decades.

She has been working as a female escort in Mumbai for almost 15 years.

“I grew up in Mumbai and had the opportunity to travel the world and meet some amazing men,” she said.

“For me, the passion is for escorting and the passion to serve men.”2.

Keshav Kaur, Delhi-based escort-san darshan (KSD)Keshav Kaushik is a senior partner at KSD Delhi, which operates in the Delhi-NCR corridor.

He is also a certified escort and has worked with some of the most famous men in the city, including Vijay Rupani, Rajesh Gavaskar, Raju and Ashok Bhatt.

“The work is not only about sex, but also about making money,” he said.3.

Satish Kumar, New Delhi- based escort-San darshana (SND)Satish Kumar is a member of SND, a women-only escort service.

“When I started working as an escort, I had a very simple life,” he told Quartz.

“A few years ago, I started getting calls from clients asking me to come to their cities.

But I had to go in person because there were too many girls.

I decided to give it a try and have my own agency.”4.

Rajesh Chavan, Mumbai-based Escorts-San Mumbai (SAAM)The Indian-born Rajesh Chandan is the owner of SAAM, a Mumbai-only escorts agency.

He has worked in the industry for over five years and has been doing it as a male escort for almost eight years.

He started out as a “man in a dress” in Mumbai before he became a licensed escort in 2013.

“My clients are all men and they have come from all over India,” he explained.

“They come from Mumbai to Delhi, to the north, and also to the south.

They have all come in their early 20s and they are all working in jobs in a variety of industries.”5.

Manju Dhingra, Mumbai, India based Escorts, San Delhi (SNC)Manju Dhedra has been escorting in Mumbai since 2005 and has a very big following on social media.

She is currently working as one of the few female escorts available in Mumbai.

“Most of my clients are men who are looking for a beautiful woman to serve them.

I’ve seen a lot of clients who were married and had children,” she told Quartz, adding that her clients come from different parts of India and all different social classes.

“There are women who work in the domestic sector, in the public sector, and even the government sector.

I am also working for a young woman who is in her first year of university,” she explained.