pittsburg, PA – The streets of Pittsburgh are littered with beautiful escorts.

The city is famous for the exotic animals and its nightlife.

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 The Best Escorts In Pittsburgh The most famous escort in the city is the sexy, well-known Lady Luck.

She is known for her long, flowing locks, her large breasts and her sexy, sensual touch.

She often gets caught by men while out at bars or clubs and has been accused of molesting children in the past. 

Lady Luck is not the only one who has been caught, however.

Many escorts have been caught abusing their clients and their customers. 

There are many different kinds of escorts in Pittsburgh.

Some are professional and offer only the services of a massage parlor, while others are just regular, sex workers. 

The different kinds can be quite a lot of fun to try.

Here are the top five of the most popular escorts that are available to you today. 


The Escort of the Day is Alesha (Lace) (19) This is the second most popular escort in Pittsburgh and she is a professional in her field.

Alesheva is known as one of the hottest and best escorts around.

She has been known to get a bit rough when she is out with her clients.

She works for the famous escort agency Lace and is very popular among her clients, especially when she gets together with her lover. 

Alesheba is a bit of a tomboy.

She likes to wear her hair in a ponytail and is always looking for a little bit of adventure. 

Lace is one of Pittsburgh’s most popular and famous escorts and has worked for both men and women.

She usually goes to bars and clubs in the evenings, but sometimes will be found working in the daytime. 


The Lady Luck (Giant) The Giant escort has been around since the 1970s.

She offers both professional and amateur services. 

Giants are famous for their large, muscular bodies.

They are also famous for having sex with many men.

Giant has worked with both men as well as women and has a reputation for making her clients cum so hard that they cry. 

Most of the time, the Giant is willing to do anything to satisfy a client. 

Some of the Giant’s clients include famous porn stars such as Brad Garrett and Jennifer Lawrence. 


The Wicked Lady (Lady Luck) Lady luck is one hell of a professional escort.

She specializes in erotic massage services.

She was hired by the owner of a strip club in the 1970’s, which later became known as the Wicked Lady. 

It is said that Lady Luck is an incredible talent.

She gets paid well, and her clients are all very excited to have her. 

She has also had her own erotic videos, which have been featured in several magazines. 


The Best Escort in Pittsburgh (Jade) Jade is one the best escort in Pennsylvania.

Jade is a very good girl and she has a great reputation for her services.

Jades reputation is that she has been able to find some of her clients on the street. 

Jades reputation began when she was working at a bar in the town of Westmoreland, PA, where she was hired as a strippers.

She began by getting a lot from the customers and it soon became clear that she could make a good living. 

Soon she became the boss and the money began to flow in. 

After Jade started working at the bar, she found herself being chased by men.

She tried to escape but she was caught and she was then taken to a jail.

Jade was able to escape from jail and later returned to the bar to work there. 

Now she is the boss of Jade and her employees. 


The Most Popular Escorts in Philadelphia (Angel) Angel is a young, hot and fun escorter.

She does many different things for her clients but her most famous clients are always male. 

Angel has worked at clubs and strip clubs in Philadelphia and is known by her clients as a very sweet and sexy girl.

She also has a good reputation for getting her clients off. 

Her most popular clients are young and rich men, and she will do whatever it takes to get them off.

Angel is also known for being very aggressive when it comes to her work. 


The Girl Who Couldn’t Be Laid (Dorothy) Dorphy is one very popular escort who has worked in both male and female clubs in Pennsylvania and the United States.

Dorphy is famous as the