Cincinnati, Ohio, (CBS) – It may be time to get out of the car and get on the road.

If you are in Cincinnati, the best time to go to a Cincinnati escorts is in the summer, said Amanda McManus, owner of the Alligator Escorts.

“I’ve had clients come back from a summer vacation with a great time and then get stuck in traffic and that’s when we get into trouble,” she said.

McManus says she’s been traveling for 20 years and she’s seen it all before.

The Cincinnati Escort offers an escort service for women who want to get to and from work safely, McManuses said.

They do escort weddings, parties, sporting events, corporate functions and weddings.

They can pick up cars and vans to take you to work, or escort your children to school.

They have car rentals for weddings, funerals and funerals, McBride said.

The business is not a traditional escort service.

If you’re interested in a free ride, you may be eligible for a one-time discount on your ride, said Michelle Hines, marketing director at the Cincinnati-based Escorts Association.

The business is a good way to spend your day, McAllis said.

There is no charge for driving to and returning home.

McAllis has seen an uptick in clients during the summer.

“You can go in and pick up a rental car, and the guys are getting excited about it, you can get a wedding and they want you to come out and see it, she said, “and they’re not the typical escorts that are looking for escorts.

You don’t have to worry about getting a taxi or getting the kids to school.

“McAllys business, with a fleet of four cars, has seen a lot of growth, and she expects the number of clients to continue to grow.”

I think this is one of the reasons that it’s been able to grow so much,” McAllys said.

If you need help finding a ride, McDevitt said she has the escorts at the Blue Ridge Escorts located at the corner of West Franklin and State.

They also have a number of locations in the greater Cincinnati area.

The Blue Ridge escorts offer free rides to customers in the Cincinnati area and can pick you up at the escort car or pick up you from the airport, Mc Devitt said.

You can call or text Blue Ridge to find out if they have a ride available, Mcallis said, and to get a ride to work.”

We have a great network in Cincinnati,” she added.