Spokeswoman of the Spokane Escorts Association, Laura Stegman, said she’s noticed a rise in new clients for Spokane escorting in recent months.

She said a client can pay a premium to go with a female escort.

Stegman said she recently saw a client who paid $400 for an escort in the Spokane area, which was about $40 more than the average escort in Spokane.

Stegmans job is to help people get to know a realtor and they typically hire a female escorts, she said.

“It’s not a business where we hire people just to get money, we hire them to see what a home looks like and to see if a house is right for them,” Stegsman said.

Strawman said many people who have visited Spokane escort services do so to meet people they would like to date.

“Sometimes they are looking for someone who’s looking to be a friend, or they’re looking for a boyfriend,” Strawman explained.

“We really have a very broad range of people who come to our program and they’re just looking for that connection.”

For some, escorting is just a way to make a living.

A couple from Florida wanted a woman from New York to come to their house in Florida and live with them.

The woman didn’t want to travel to New York, so they agreed to pay her $200 to travel with them to New Jersey and then she would pay $300 for her trip back to Florida.

The couple paid $150 to be escorts and they also paid for her travel, but they weren’t going to spend money on a meal out.

The money they paid was for the escort to help the couple move into the house, Steg said.

The woman was surprised when she walked in the door, and they were shocked when she saw the house was not ready yet.

The man told the woman she had made an excellent choice.

She said she also has received requests from people who want to help a new couple move in to their new home and to make sure they’re getting the necessary help to make the transition.

Staggs said escorts are a different business than traditional escort agencies.

“You’re not hiring a woman to make out that the house is ready for you to live there, you’re hiring a person to come into your house and help you move into your new home,” Staggs explained.

“The whole purpose of escorts is to make people feel like they can make it work.”