BOISE (Reuters)  A boisterously escort will soon be on your doorstep, and you won’t want to miss it.

Boise, Idaho’s newest city, is poised to become the nation’s first city to host a private escort service, according to a news release from the Boise Police Department.

Brigitte Johnson, a 33-year-old Boise escort, will be operating out of the city’s new “Coffeehouse” location, which is set to open in the city of Boise on Sunday, April 19.

The new location will be a destination for Boise residents and visitors seeking private escorts.

Boises new city ordinance requires that an escort service be licensed and registered, with a minimum of 10 hours of experience.

Bois new ordinance also requires a minimum number of escorts to be on hand at all times, with the escort company also required to have a security plan.

The newly created Coffeehouse is expected to serve up to 30 escorts a night, and the service will be run out of a former hotel and casino, said Lt.

Tom McFarland, Boise Police spokesman.

The Coffeehouse will be open to the public from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., with the hours changing from there, he said.

The first location will have a bar, kitchen, and a bar with a small bar on the premises, McFarall said.

There will also be a patio.

More information on the Coffeehouse and to reserve an escort is available at borovis new coffeehouse, a new location in the downtown area, a borovians new coffee, a coffeehouse location, a cafe, and borovecafeehouse, as well as a new cafe location in Boise.

Borovia is the second city in the U.S. to offer private escort services.

Las Vegas, Nevada, became the first city in Nevada to host private escort events in July, and its second location will offer rides and other services in a new “cafeteria” location in Clark County.

A third location, in Las Vegas, is set for an open house later this month, according the Las Vegas Review Journal.