Live Escorts are the first step toward becoming a licensed escort in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Licensing and Regulation (ODLR).

Live Escorts will be required to register with the ODLR and undergo a background check to obtain a license.

There are currently no licenses for private escorts in Ohio.

Live Escort Licenses will require a $100 application fee and $75 to renew, with the fees being deducted from an escrow account.

A minimum of five escorts must be certified by the Ohio State Bar to work as escorts.

Live escorts will also be required as escrow accounts for any business located in Ohio that sells alcohol or tobacco, including bars, restaurants, clubs, and the like.

The license will also allow them to conduct business at places of worship, places of business for hire, hotels, and other business establishments.

The licensing fee will be refunded to the escort.

Live escort licenses will also require a background investigation, with any background check required to be conducted in person at the agency.

The background check will be conducted at the licensing agency and will be done by a licensed medical professional.

The application fee will also need to be paid by the applicant.

The ODLR will issue a new license for each license issued and renew it every three years.

Live Licenses can be obtained online through the ODRL.

For more information on how to apply for an Ohio license, go to the ODNR website.

Columbia Escorts was created by the Columbus, Ohio based group, Columbia Escorts.

The company is based in Columbus, and has several locations throughout Ohio.

Columbus Escorts is not affiliated with any other escort agency in Ohio and will not provide any escort services to any person.