My escort service,, has a long and checkered history of being one of the biggest porn sites on the Internet.

But recently, it has been on the receiving end of one of its biggest takedown notices.

I’ve been using escorts since I was a teenager and have never been banned, even though I’ve never been in trouble with law enforcement.

But when escorts was hit with a takedown notice from the Department of Justice, I knew I had to do something.

I called the DOJ and explained that I was using escorting services for the sole purpose of selling sex and that I would never, ever be charged with anything.

I called the escort service to find out if I could remain open.

The owner told me she was taking down my website because she thought I was selling sex.

I said I was in fact selling sex to escorts and asked for the escorts site owner’s email address.

She said it would be fine.

When I called back the next day, the owner was still waiting for me to speak with her.

I was very frustrated, so I wrote back.

She told me that I couldn’t do it because my escort service was not listed on escorts websites.

I explained that escort services are a way for escorts to earn money.

I asked her if I was allowed to use escorts sites to advertise my escort services and if I would be allowed to advertise on escort websites as well.

I told her that I had been on escort sites for over a year and was now selling sex with clients.

I told her I was not selling sex or anything.

She responded, “I can’t even talk to you.”

I was furious, but she just kept on telling me that the escort website owners didn’t have a problem with selling sex because I didn’t sell anything, I wasn’t selling anything, and I wouldn’t even sell anything on escort websites.

I asked her to remove the escort site from her website, and she did, saying that she had already removed all the escort sites.

I wrote her a letter telling her that it was my intention to remove her escort site, and that she needed to get rid of all the escort sites she had listed on her escort website.

I also told her to ask her escort service owners to remove my escort site because they were using escort services to advertise their escort services.

She didn’t listen.

She kept on ignoring my calls and emails.

Finally, I wrote to the Escorts Consumer Protection Unit and told them what I told the escort owner.

The Consumer Protection unit, which oversees escorts’ rights, didn’t respond to an email seeking comment.

I then contacted the Attorney General’s office, which handles the DOJ takedown notices against escort websites, and they asked me to contact the Attorney Generals office and see if I can get my escorts removed from the escort services websites list of escort sites, too.

When my escort website was taken down from escorts-related websites, I was notified by the escorters themselves.

They emailed me with a link to my escort site that would take you to their website.

They said I had a very nice escort escort service and it was their first escort site.

I responded that it wasn’t a good website, but it was just a good place to advertise and that they didn’t really care about me selling sex, so it didn’t make a difference.

They said, “You are just a bad person and you should be removed from escort websites.”

I wrote them back saying that I am not a bad guy and I would not sell sex.

They did not respond to a follow-up email request for comment.

My escort service now has more than 20,000 customers and I am on the verge of getting my first big payday.

The owners of the escort websites that were targeted in the takedown notices have no way of knowing that I sell sex to clients.

They will never know that I use escorting to earn cash.

I am very upset about what happened to me and am still going to fight to have my escort sites reinstated.