BAYLEY, NSW — Uber drivers from across Australia have called for more stringent legislation to protect drivers from discrimination.

The Australian Taxi Workers’ Union said Uber is in a “perfect storm” of the changing landscape of drivers’ rights and said the industry was on a “slippery slope”.

“We know that drivers are vulnerable and that they are under-represented in our industry and we also know that Uber has the potential to take their job away from them,” a spokesman said.

“We are calling for more protections for our drivers, including the legal recognition of their right to refuse service.”

He said the union was urging the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to issue a warning to Uber drivers who refuse to work with Uber.

Uber’s drivers have already won an order from the Australian Taxation Office to pay back $20,000 to their union after the company failed to provide them with basic information about the company’s tax arrangements.

The TAFE said Uber was also not complying with its own anti-discrimination obligations by failing to provide drivers with access to the latest and greatest anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies and procedures.

Uber, which has a total of around 3,000 drivers in Australia, has been targeted by the Taxi Workers Union before, and this time they are targeting the company as well as the drivers who work for the company.

Uber has said that it is currently investigating complaints of discrimination against its drivers, with the company currently investigating the complaint about a driver in Brisbane.

“The Uber team is committed to working collaboratively with the TAFEs to ensure all Australians have the opportunity to earn and enjoy the benefits of employment, including equal treatment under the law,” Uber Australia said in a statement to ABC News.

“While we do not have a formal investigation underway, we will continue to investigate any complaints of potential discrimination or unfair business practices.”

The TAB has launched a separate investigation into the matter.