TORONTO — A new citywide escort agency has taken up the offer of a full-time job and is asking for help from the public to help fill their vacancies.

On Tuesday, Torontonians got an exclusive look at an escort agency called Orange County Escorts, a job that can be very demanding for an inexperienced escort.

The job can take weeks, months, even years to find, said Laura Mihalopoulos, Orange County’s Director of Operations.

“We have an extensive background in escort services, and we have had a long history of working in the industry.

So we’ve got a lot of experience,” Mihapopoulos said.”

I’ve been working for many years in this industry, and I know how it’s done.

We have to balance my job with my family.

So our job is to find the right balance.”

Orange County Escort is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide quality escort services for all levels of experience.

They have been offering escort services since 2008.

“It’s not only a business opportunity, it’s a chance to give back to the community,” Mohalopoulos said about Orange County escorts.

“I think that’s what attracts so many people to us.

We are an independent organization.”

The company is a new one.

They are a nonprofit that is run by a woman who has been in the escort industry since the age of 12.

Mihalopolos said Orange County has been a great place to work for many, many years.

“They’re very professional, and they’re very respectful of the client.

They treat everyone with respect,” Muhalopolons said.

Orange County has over 3,000 escort agencies and they are looking to add to their staff.

“The reason we are offering this position is because we feel that we have the resources to make sure that we do a good job for everyone,” MOHALOPOS said.

Muhalopoulos is looking for someone to fill one of the two full- time positions in Orange County.

The other one is in the business of assisting clients with transportation.

“This is not a job where you can just pick a girl up and just get her to wherever you want her to go,” Mhalyopoulos said, “So we’ve had to work really hard on this.”

Orange is looking to fill a full time position in the Toronto area.

It is looking at people in both the Downtown and North Toronto area, she said.

The Toronto Escort also wants to help people find the people they need in their community.

“What we want to do is help people identify who they might need help from and what the people that need help might be, so that we can make that possible,” Malkopoulos said.

“We do not have the staffing for all the different needs that you might have.

So what we would really like to do, is try to find somebody that can work in different locations and help people.”

Orange says it is a job for anyone who has experience, but it is also a full service company.

They will also be offering a paid internship.

“There’s not a lot out there that we know of that is available to that level of experience level, and this is where we are going to find our next opportunity,” Mollopos said.