Delaware escort Amber E. Brown, a former contestant on “The Bachelor,” said she had a message for Boston escorts in case they decide to follow suit: Stop.

We have no interest in having sex with you.

We want to know why.

We’ve been here before.

Brown said the response to her comments has been a mix of horror and support, but the majority of her escorts said they were simply concerned about their safety.

Brown and her team have been offering free rides for anyone who chooses to go to the Boston area in hopes of picking up some tourists and returning them to their home states.

Brown told ABC News in a phone interview that the Boston escort community is just as shocked and hurt by the news as the community in the Delaware, Pennsylvania and Kentucky areas.

Brown’s team also runs a website,, which offers tips on how to approach women.

Brown was a finalist for “The Bachelorette” season 7.

In an interview on Tuesday with ABC News’ “20/20,” Brown said she decided to become a professional escort after seeing a woman who was “very much a professional and well-prepared” in a Boston hotel lobby, but then fell into a deep depression.

“I was trying to do everything I could, but it just wasn’t working,” Brown told “20.”

Brown said that she had to go back to school in New York and find a way to get by.

She added that the escort industry has a very specific type of clientele and that she is “not a typical customer.”

She added: “I want to make it clear that I’m not a model.

I’m a professional, but I’m also a family man.”

Brown has been traveling the world for the past year and said she’s noticed an increase in demand in the last two weeks.

“Every time I see a woman that is a little older than me and is very, very, professional, I see that as a huge opportunity for us,” Brown added.

Brown added that she’s also noticed an uptick in people seeking to pick her up.

“People are trying to pick me up and they’re not looking at a physical relationship,” Brown noted.

Brown did not identify any of the escorts she’s met so far, but she told ABC’s “20 20/20” that she knows of “about three” in her community who are willing to take their time and provide her with services.

“They’re like family, they’re like friends, they are just like my sisters, so it’s just great to have a support system,” Brown, who is married with two young daughters, told “ABC News.”

“It’s nice to have these people around, to have people I can look up to, to see what I have to offer, and that’s really important.”

Brown’s experience with escorts and her personal stories has inspired a number of other escorts to share their stories on the website, which has attracted more than 5,000 readers in the past few weeks.

Many of the women on the site also say that they have not met anyone in their own community who is willing to provide them with services, though some say they are willing for them to come to the area for a free ride.

In response to Brown’s comments, “The Show” host Bob Saget said he has “zero interest in escorting” any more.

Saget, who also runs the website “BachelorNation,” told “60 Minutes” on Monday that escorts should stop acting like the “Bacheloretts” and “Bravest Warriors” and start “getting to know the people in your life and then maybe go in with a plan and be realistic about what you want.”

Saget also said that the escort industry is in a bubble, and people need to realize that “there are people out there who are looking for a little bit of love, and love is the only thing they have to give.”

Sagets response comes after the New York Times reported in April that there are at least three “professional” escort companies operating in the city of Boston.

The newspaper reported that the firms advertise on escort websites and are “professionally trained and equipped to work with clients seeking to find love and romance in the Boston metropolitan area.”

In May, the Times also reported that one escort agency, the Blue Sky Group, was operating out of the same building as the Blue Jays baseball team.

Blue Sky, according to the newspaper, has been “a top-rated escort agency in the New England area for more than two decades.”

The Globe reported in June that Blue Sky has had “a handful of clients” in Massachusetts and is in the process of hiring another.

BlueSky did not respond to ABC News requests for comment.