A Texas escort company that had a history of sex trafficking has been suspended by the Justice Department for failing to comply with a subpoena demanding that it turn over records related to sex trafficking.

The Justice Department is investigating an escort service known as TS escort hankees, which is based in Houston, according to a letter obtained by The Huffington P.A.

A spokesperson Lauren C. Brown confirmed that TS escort hazzards has been ordered to cease operating and that it was suspending operations until the investigation is completed.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation has received a subpoena for the information requested,” the spokesperson said.

“As part of its investigation into the allegations made by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau has requested that TS conduct a comprehensive review of the services offered through TS escort agencies.

As a result, TS escort service has been placed on administrative suspension pending completion of the investigation.”

The company has operated for almost a decade, with more than 30 escort agencies and their staff members in Texas.

TS has operated a fleet of eight full-time escorts in Texas, the letter said.

The subpoena was issued last week and is due to be completed by May 15, Brown said.

The Department of Homeland Security is also conducting a separate investigation of the company.TS has denied the allegations.

“We will not rest until we know for sure that all of our employees are truly and fully cooperating with the investigation,” the company said in a statement.

The spokesperson said that if the Justice has jurisdiction over the company, they will be able to access TS escort agency records.

If not, the company is in the process of reviewing the subpoena to determine if there is any validity.

“While we believe that the subpoena is invalid and unwarranted, we believe TS is not a sex trafficking ring and we are prepared to comply fully with the subpoena and comply with the terms of its terms,” the statement said.

A spokeswoman for the Texas Attorney General’s office confirmed that the department is conducting its own investigation into TS escort company.

“Our office will not tolerate any illegal activity,” Jessica Houser said in an email.

“It is unfortunate that this investigation was conducted without any oversight, which would require oversight and accountability for all agencies operating in Texas.”

The investigation comes as Texas is poised to vote on a controversial anti-trafficking bill.

The legislation, HB 1489, seeks to make it easier for police and prosecutors to pursue sex trafficking cases against convicted sex traffickers and their victims.

It also requires victims to give evidence in court, which includes providing information about a victim’s life prior to being trafficked.

In Texas, a convicted sex trafficker can receive up to 15 years in prison.

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