Escorts in Birmingham, Alabama, are looking for a man for their birthday party.

Bridget G. Wright, founder of the escorts club, said she has received dozens of calls since Monday, offering to have a male escort escort for their party.

The company says it has more than 3,500 members nationwide.

Wright said she’s been getting phone calls from men wanting to do escort work for their friends.

“The last few days have been amazing.

They’re coming to us from all over the state, from all across the country,” Wright said.

Wright said her company’s website is getting more traffic and people are more accepting.

“I’ve gotten emails from women who are saying, ‘We just want to be with you and do the things you want to do,'” Wright said, adding that they want to help men feel more comfortable when meeting a female escort.

The men who have called Wright say they want the opportunity to work with a woman.

Wright says she can offer a massage or do a sex act.

She said she would also like to provide a service like a date.

“A lot of the guys want to just meet up, have a beer, talk about their lives, and then go home,” Wright told ABC News.