Lyft is offering a service that lets users search for escorts and rent them a car.

The app lets users look up a ride and pick an escort from a list of potential partners.

Once selected, the user is given a phone number to call.

The ride will arrive on the date and time indicated on the app’s map.

The driver can also send the driver to pick up the passenger and get them home.

The service is free for rides of up to $10, but users must sign up for the app and pay $2 a month to use it.

A Lyft spokesperson confirmed that the service is currently available in Austin and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

The company is trying to increase its presence in the area with the expansion of its Austin headquarters in downtown Austin.

It is working to increase the number of Lyft drivers in the city, said John Riggs, Lyft’s head of regional operations.

It currently has around 1,500 drivers, he said.

In Austin, Lyft has launched an app to give users an opportunity to pick their escorts on a first-come, first-served basis.

The app lets people search for an escort and pick a ride to pick them up, said Jessica LeBeau, a Lyft spokeswoman.

She said the company has reached out to several of its drivers and hopes to increase their numbers as it expands its presence.