A boat ride, however, can be just as satisfying as a boat ride.

A trip to the Bahamas offers several perks.

For one, it is a tropical paradise.

And while there’s a lot of room on the boat, there is no boat, no lifeguard, and no trash cans.

The boats are made with stainless steel and are typically equipped with a private yachtmaster.

A private yacht has access to the ocean floor and the luxury of a private island.

There are a lot more options available for the public to choose from.

A boat tour can be a great way to learn about a new island and how it can be accessed by public transportation.

There’s also a lot to do during the week, from the beaches to the shops to the museums.

It’s a great place to meet your friends, your family, or just get some alone time.

A quick trip on a yacht can also be an opportunity to learn how the Bahamas is different than most other Caribbean nations.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best places to take a boat trip.