The cheapest, quickest way to get away with sex is to just go out and grab whatever you want, even if it’s just the bare minimum you need to get by, according to a new report from Craigslist.

The study, titled “How to Get Around the Law: How to Make the Law Pay for You,” shows the most basic ways to get around the laws you might encounter in the field, such as:You can buy sex.

Craigslist says a lot of people don’t realize how easily they can cheat in the sex industry.

They’re often tempted to just buy sex to get what they want, such a fake online profile that says they’re single or dating someone they’re not dating, or even a fake escort service that gives them the idea they’re on a date.

But the trick is to buy something like an iPad and a condom to make it seem like they’re actually dating someone, and then ask the guy to pay you for sex.

But there are ways around that, too.

You can use Craigslist to find the right escort.

The study looked at over 5,000 people in the United States, and found that those who used Craigslist were able to meet someone who they wanted to have sex with for less than $5, according for the company.

And if the escort is willing to pay, that person is less likely to have to worry about the consequences of doing so, like arrest or even prosecution.

The authors also found that people were willing to meet people for less money and at lower rates if they had a “subtle” sign that they were single, but then later found out they were.

The women who got hit hardest by the scam were the ones who were less likely than others to use a real escort.

That doesn’t mean all escorts are scams.

The report showed that the average escorting company has between three and 10 full-time escorts.

But some have lower numbers, and some have higher, and the majority have only a few full-timers.

If you do end up getting ripped off by an escort, it’s a good idea to get legal help.

If you’ve been caught cheating on your wife or girlfriend, you could get your name thrown out of the profession and get a long prison sentence.

You could also be banned from working in escort services altogether.

But in the past, if you got caught, the law did not have a big impact.

The law is still on the books that says if you’re a man, you’re allowed to do anything a woman can do with your hands, and women could not do anything with their hands.

But since the 1990s, courts have begun to crack down on the practice, including criminal charges.