The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, has a new ordinance that requires escorts to be licensed and to get their business license.

If you are a woman, you will need to register as a massage parlor and meet all of the requirements for a massage therapist, according to Charlotte Public Radio.

Charlotte also requires that escorts be licensed.

The Charlotte City Council approved the ordinance on March 10.

If a massage business licenses, it will be able to use a license number to identify the license holder.

The license will also have to contain the following information: name, city, state, county, and zip code.

The name will also be required to be on the bottom of all paperwork.

Charlotte City officials say it will only be used to track licensees, and they don’t have a list of licenses currently being issued.

However, the city says they will be adding more licenses in the future.

Charlotte is also making a concerted effort to ensure that massage parlors are not operating in areas that are designated as a high risk for crime.

The city announced plans to begin fingerprinting all massage licensees to identify potential troublemakers, and it is also looking to crack down on illegal massage parlovas.

The ordinance comes just weeks after a federal judge struck down Charlotte’s ordinance, and the city is appealing.

In an email to local news outlets, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts said that she believes the city has a legitimate interest in regulating massage parlivas, but added that it has to be done in a way that is fair and equitable.

“We cannot be a community that allows this to happen, and I have made that clear,” Roberts said.

Charlotte has been in the news for other regulations that were issued by the city, including the banning of strip clubs and the banning or restricting of high-end clothing stores.