“If you’re interested in finding an escort in New York, there are only two places to start: The website and the website itself.”

– Jessica DeHart, owner of New York City escort agency Alina Rose New York”I’ve been an escort since 2007, and I’ve seen it all,” said Amy DeHart of Alina’s New York office.

“I’ve seen people who can’t get their heads around the business, people who have a lot of difficulty navigating a system that can make you feel like you’re on a treadmill.”

While Alina is known for its affordable rates, it also has a strict policy that allows clients to choose their own escorts.

“If it’s something that is so personal to you, that you want to know how that person feels about you, then you will be able to go to Alina,” she said.

“You can choose to see someone who’s been through so much, or you can go for someone who has.”

In the meantime, Amy is confident that any New York escort who’s interested in her business can find a place to meet with her.

“We have a very good client base, we’re always looking for new clients,” she noted.

“There are so many opportunities out there, it’s amazing to see what people are looking for.”

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