TULSA, Okla.

— The Mississippi State Highway Patrol says two men have been arrested and two other suspects arrested after they allegedly kidnapped, raped and murdered two teenage girls in an Oklahoma city apartment.

Troopers say a 17-year-old girl was abducted from a parking lot in downtown Tulsa on Christmas Eve, and her body was found in a vehicle parked outside the home in December.

Investigators say a 23-year old man and a 25-year a former boyfriend of the girl were arrested Wednesday on charges of first-degree kidnapping and aggravated rape, and a 29-year older man was arrested Wednesday.

Investigators say a third suspect is still at large.

Tulsa police say the victims, who are both from Tulsa, were friends with the victim’s mother, and they were looking forward to a visit from the mother on Christmas Day.

Police say the suspects broke into the victim and forced her into a car, where they allegedly raped her before driving away.

The victims’ mother called police and told officers the suspects took the victim to the home of a friend and took turns raping her.

The victim was later found dead inside the home.

Police said the victim had no family in Tulsa, but police say her mother was from the area.

They said she called police to report the incident.