When you think about it, you might think of dressing like a cowboy.

But a survey published this week suggests you could be more like a lady.

“We have to get this straightened out,” says Lauren Stacey, an assistant professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

“If you’re wearing a dress, a jacket, and boots, it doesn’t look sexy at all.”

The study also found that women prefer men to wear more formal clothing.

And, in contrast to the stereotypical cowboy dress, women are more likely to wear a suit than a shirt.

The survey was conducted by the marketing firm LendLease, which has been tracking consumer trends since 2009.

It found that about 90 percent of respondents who had taken the survey said they had taken a dress-up photo before.

“The trend is for more women to dress up,” says Stacey.

But she warns that the fashion trend may not last forever.

“It may become more acceptable, especially for younger women,” she says.

But the trend could also go the other way, if women become less likely to dress in a dress in the first place.

Stacey says that the trend for women to be more stylish could be a sign of a broader cultural shift.

“People are more comfortable now in the home, and that has been driven by more people wearing suits and more people not dressing up at all,” she adds.

What about men?

“The big issue for men is that they’re still more conservative, and they’re more conservative in general,” says Jason Harkness, a marketing professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

“So, men have more social distancing than women do.”

That means more men might not want to dress like a woman when they go out to a restaurant, for example.

But Stacey points out that while men may have more conservative social attitudes, they are not as likely to be conservative about how they dress.

“There is a certain amount of risk that a man might dress up as a woman,” she explains.

“And I think a lot of that risk comes from how he is perceived by women.

If he dresses up like a guy, it’s less likely that he’s going to get the job, or the respect, that he wants.”

If you’re a woman who wants to dress more like an American male, Stacey suggests that you take a look at how the country dresses now.

“You’re going to have to look a little bit differently than you did,” she advises.

“For instance, the suits and tuxes are probably going to be bigger, and men are going to look better in them, and women are going.

And there’s a big difference in the quality of the clothes.”

If your goal is to dress casually and look good, Stacia suggests looking for styles that are casual and have a more neutral vibe.

“When you think of casual, there’s so many options that you can go with,” she warns.

“Like, for a casual shirt and tie, you have to go for a white shirt and black tie.”

That said, she says you can also go for something more formal, like a suit and tie and a tie with a tie.

“That’s probably a bit more popular, but there’s still a lot more of those out there,” she notes.

If you want to make a change, Stace recommends finding something that looks a little more contemporary.

“Dressing for today’s fashion is not necessarily a new thing,” she recommends.

“But it’s still pretty new.”