Fort Worth, Texas — When you are in Fort Worth on a typical Sunday afternoon, the sky is clear and the temperature is just under 90 degrees.

The Fort Worth Police Department says its a pretty good day for escorts to work on the streets of the city.

“I’d say on a Sunday, I think it’s a pretty busy day for them,” said Sgt. Tom Nance, a police spokesman.

Fort Worth police said it is usually pretty safe for an escort to walk around the city, but if you are alone and don’t know anyone, that could make you more vulnerable.

Escorts need to have a clear sense of direction and be able to navigate traffic safely.

That means they need to know where they are going and when, Nance said.

And, for the most part, the city’s escorts are getting their training on the job.

Nance said the Fort Worth police have seen more people getting involved in prostitution since the government took action.

It’s the first time Fort Worth has enacted a law like this, and it’s been working well for the city so far, he said. 

For the most recent five years, the Fortworth Police Department has been training more than 100 people on how to identify and apprehend prostitution rings and track them down.

There is an increasing demand for escorting services, especially from Asian women and men in the Philippines, said Sgt.

“Tom Nance.”

We’re seeing a lot more Chinese and Filipino women come into the Fort Wayne area, especially on weekends,” he said, adding that the majority of women are white and of legal age in the United States.

Since 2010, there have been more than 3,200 prostitution arrests, Nances said.

The women who are arrested are typically referred to as “escorts” or “pigs” for the reason that they usually work for men and don’s usually have tattoos on their chests and other body parts, Nancer said. “

The police department has worked with a lot of other organizations to try to identify those that are involved in the prostitution industry,” he added.

The women who are arrested are typically referred to as “escorts” or “pigs” for the reason that they usually work for men and don’s usually have tattoos on their chests and other body parts, Nancer said.

They typically wear skirts, sometimes tied up and sometimes tied down, and usually wear short skirts or miniskirts, he added, all in hopes of drawing the attention of a john who will hire them.

Fort Wayne is home to the largest number of prostitutes in the country, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office.

The Fort Worth city has a high rate of prostitution arrests and the Fort Myers police department reports a higher rate.

The Fort Wayne Police Department also recently issued a policy aimed at making it easier for prostitutes to report crimes and arrests.

The policy, called “Pigs for Public Safety,” requires prostitutes to wear a wristband that is displayed at the front of their jackets or jackets with hoods that cover their faces, NANCE said.

A person who violates the policy could be cited for prostitution and then face a maximum fine of $500.

If the offender fails to remove the wristband, it is a misdemeanor and could result in a one-day jail sentence.

Nance also said the police department is using the police-issued wristbands as a way to make it easier to track down and arrest prostitutes.

A prostitute walks past a sign at a hotel on Oct. 10, 2018 in Fort Myers, Florida.

The city of Fort Worth said Tuesday that it plans to adopt the “Pig for Public Security” policy.

Fort Worth has seen a rise in prostitution over the past two years, and the city has had to make changes to its policies to keep up with demand, NANCER said.

“Our officers are working diligently to implement this policy in an effort to prevent further crimes,” he explained.

The city has implemented a number of changes to address the issue, including a new strategy that has been in place since July, according with the city manager’s office.

It will include an increased focus on prevention and awareness, increased patrols, more technology and more resources to increase the citywide response, the mayor’s office said in a news release.

The department is also planning to hire 200 new officers and increase staffing levels at the police station, the release added.

But the department is still facing criticism over the high number of prostitution cases it has to deal with.

Police officers in Fort Wayne say that a recent increase in prostitution cases has forced them to respond more aggressively and are making it more difficult for the women to come forward.

“It’s just been a lot tougher, especially the last two weeks, with the increase in sex trafficking cases, because we’re getting so many calls from women,” said Fort Worth patrolman, Brian Gee.

He said they have to be extra careful in their patrols because of the increased calls.