A Michigan man who posted a photo on Facebook of a man with what appeared to be a handgun and a handgun holster at a local park has been suspended for five days.

According to the Detroit News, the man posted the photo on Sunday and the incident was reported to the Michigan State Police.

The photo was posted to a Facebook page for the Flint Fire Department, which is run by the Flint Police Department.

“As a city we are not going to stand by and allow someone to violate the public safety of our citizens,” said Lt.

Kevin White, Flint Fire spokesman.

“That’s what happened and we take it very seriously.”

White said the man was suspended for 30 days.

He has not been charged.

Flint Fire Chief Jim Schumacher said the city has a strong track record of dealing with people who are not complying with city rules and regulations.

“We don’t have any criminal record here,” he said.

“If you violate any of the rules of our city, we will take action.”

According to Schumachers website, the Flint Water Emergency Response Team responds to “all emergencies.”

The team includes personnel from the city’s water utility, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and state and federal agencies.