Escorts are set to launch a new dating app called Escorts, to be launched in the coming months, with San Jose-based escort service Strictly SF and Brooklyn-based service Sticky SF among those partners.

The dating site will launch in the Bay Area next month and will offer services to escorts and their families.

It’s expected that StrictLY SF will be the first San Jose escort to offer services for both men and women, with Sticky serving men and Strict’s family-friendly escort service Brooklyn.

San Jose-born Escorts owner and founder Jia Jiang says the service will bring her business to a more mainstream audience.

“I’m trying to bring more mainstream and popular escorts to the Bay area and the Bay, to have the same standards and to have a lot of people that like to meet people,” she said.

In addition to the dating site, Strict will also be launching an app called Baili, which will be designed to provide escorts with information about the courtship process, including dates, where and when to meet, the best locations for escorts who may want to attend a court date and when they may have to turn down the offer.

Jiang says Bailis dating app will be a more popular app than the current Escorts app, which currently has over 20,000 registered users.

Escorts will be able to add friends to their profiles by using a photo, profile picture and a short bio. 

“We’re going to give our clients a lot more privacy and convenience,” Jiang said. 

The service will launch on October 17, with plans to expand to other parts of the Bay region. 

 Strictly and Sticky have been the subject of multiple lawsuits and legal battles, including one filed by the US Attorney for the Eastern District of California, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, the California Association of Retailing Supervisors and the United States District Court for the Central District of New York.

 The case was settled in October 2017.

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