Escorts from the world of escort work will soon be flying from Las Vegas to Toronto.

The Escorts Toronto is opening in the heart of downtown Toronto, and a large number of escort agencies are coming to the city for business, but many others are staying in Las Angeles.

The New York Times says there will be more than 300 escort agencies in the city this year.

Las Vegas is home to about 30,000 people, and is known for its casinos and strip clubs.

Toronto has an average of 8,000 escort workers.

It’s not known if they will come to Toronto, but some of the city’s escorts have been in Toronto for a while.

One of the biggest things in Toronto these days is the “trend” to be a woman, according to Jennifer Bowers, owner of the escorts agency The Escort Collective, and it’s just not the same as when it was a man-dominated industry.

“I don’t think it’s going to change much in Toronto,” she said.

“The women who are going to be in Toronto are going for a reason.

They want to be seen and they want to go to a good place.

They don’t want to leave Toronto.”

Toronto escorts are coming from as far away as Germany, England, Spain, France, Italy and New York, but the first one will be from Germany.

The Toronto Escort Society has been operating for five years.

Bowers said many of the agencies are young and young girls.

“There’s an awareness among young girls in Toronto, that it’s a man’s world and men are just doing it for money,” she told the Times.

“It’s a bit of a shift in perception for young girls.”

The Escorting Collective has been helping to open up the city to escorts.

The group is hoping that by making Toronto a safe haven for escorts from around the world, they can help them in the United States.

It was founded in 2016, and has helped thousands of girls get their start.

“We’re not here to do escort work, we’re here to make the world a better place,” said Bowers.

They can be wonderful, wonderful people. “

Escorts are people.

They can be wonderful, wonderful people.

We are here to help them make the right decisions.”

She also hopes that the Escorting Toronto can help the city grow its escort industry.

Bower said that the group’s mission is to be inclusive of all genders.

“If we can do that, that’s good.

We’re not the only people doing escort work.

We can be a safe place for everybody, so we want to try to make it a safe space for everybody.”