A New Bedford escort agency is apologizing after it advertised its services on Instagram as “escorts for Asian escorts.”

The New Bedford-based Baking Co-op said it had posted an ad on Tuesday for an escort service with photos of a blond, brunette and Asian woman.

Baking Co. has posted a picture of an escort agency with a blond and brunette woman.

pic.twitter.com/8mZyKQfKXE — News24 (@News24) June 23, 2018Baking’s Instagram page shows the Instagram profile photo of a blonde and brunettes escorts.

The photo, which was posted by the BakingCo Instagram account, shows a blonde with a red ponytail, brunettes in bikinis, and an Asian escort, all of whom appear to be wearing skimpy outfits.

Baker’s Instagram account also features a photo of two Asian escort agencies with a woman posing with a baby.

The post also features the names of a Baking company in Massachusetts, a website for an Asian-owned escort agency in New York City, and a website promoting Asian escort services in the U.K.

The Instagram post was shared more than a thousand times.

The Baking Company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.