Bakersfields escorts will return to the NFL for the second consecutive season.

The Bakers fields team of two will return for their third season in 2018.

This season the team will travel to San Diego to play in the Super Bowl.

The Bakers have had an unblemished run of success in the National Hockey League, the American Hockey League and the NHL’s other teams.

In addition to hosting the 2017 All-Star Game, Bakersville has also hosted the 2017 Women’s College National Championship and the 2017 World Championship for the U.S. Women’s National Team.

The team is set to face off against a team from the Western Conference in 2018, and will return the following season to the United States to play a season at the 2018 Women’s World Cup in Russia.

The 2018 season is set for a three-game home stand.

In all three games, the Bakers will be playing at home in the San Diego area, as the team’s schedule is not finalized.

The team will also play four regular season games against the defending Stanley Cup Champions in the United Center in New York City and two exhibition games in Detroit, Michigan.